Transpalpebral diaton –tonometry at AAFP -13“American Academy of Family Physicians”

International Congress AAFP “American Academy of Family Physicians” came off in San-Diego (USA) from the 24th to the 28th of September. This first rate national organization gives an opportunity to share experience, exhibit and study new innovational technologies and projects in the sphere of diagnostics and treatment of various diseases. 

The exhibition’s distinguishing feature was its rich scientific programme- more than 6000 participants have been working all days long taking part in different seminars, lectures and other various courses. 


The representatives of Ryazan State Instrument- Making Enterprise have showed  operation principles of the unique non-invasive ophthalmotonometer diaton. In the USA diaton-tonometry is widely used by general practitioners and family doctors – the simplicity of use and no need of dispensable materials and anesthetics allow not onlymaking control examinations of human populationas well as safe IOP monitoring of patients at risk of eye diseases development. Moreover IOP measurement with diaton tonometer is included to the list of the paid insurance services there.


Due to diaton’s opportunity to control ophthalmotonus in an easy and available way using traspalpebral tonometry you can successfully predict eye diseases and keep one patient’s vision for a long time.However not only family doctors but physicians and emergency medicine staff have been attracted to diaton tonometer. Special attention to diaton tonometry was paid by emergency doctors as the procedure of IOP measuring with a handheld tonometer lasts only several seconds and this is the main requirement during the emergency examination of the patient.