Ryazan State Instrument-Making Enterprise presented diaton tonometry at AAD-2014!

Annual Ophthalmologic Congress of german-speaking countries “AAD-2014” has united famous ophthalmologic schools of Germany and Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, Austria and Luxemburg.
More than 120 international companies presented their high-tech ophthalmologic equipment of well known through all over the world brands; nearly 3000 professionals took part in the congress. 

The great interest to our booth and surely to our diaton tonometer hasn’t ceased within 5 working days of the exhibition.

The representatives of GRPZ together with the company Tonom GmbH have demonstrated new easy method of IOP measuring “diaton tonometry” and the presentation was even a greater success than we expected! Several hundreds of doctors as well as simple customers were taught the main operational principles of the device. To specify all the device’s benefits IOP measuring was performed both in the sitting and lying positions.

The majority of practitioners, work in hospitals and private clinics and the most attractive thing for them is that our diaton tonometer helps to reduce financial and time’s expenses without loosing informative value. 


Moreover, it must be mentioned that cornea pathology is no longer an obstacle for IOP measuring. With diaton you can measure IOP in complicated casessuch as cornea pathology, viral infections, “dry eye” syndrome, allergic response and laser refractive corneal interferences. 


By the way, many specialists highlighted the other advantage  - the absence of psychological impact.The patient doesn’t see the device during the measurement, he is calm and relaxed. It is very important for a doctor especially when he is measuring IOP in children or when his adult patients are too emotional.   


The German market of medical devices has clear-cut requirements for all medical products and we are proud to say that diaton tonometer corresponds to them.