Clinical trial in Spain: diaton is an irreplaceable screening tool for IOP measuring in patients with corneal pathologies

The official distributor of diaton in Spain and Portugal - the company Lenticon together with the leading ophthalmologists have carried out the clinical trial “Tonometer through the eyelid diaton: accuracy and quick IOP reading”. 


This clinical trial is continued now but preliminary results present very interesting information.

Glaucoma is the pathology that mainly stems from intraocular pressure (IOP) rise and leads to intensedamage of the visual nerve and loss of vision.

IOP measuring is the most widely spread way to detect glaucoma. 
The purpose of the trial is to evaluate IOP before and after refractive corneal surgery and to estimate the influence of corneal thinning caused by refractive surgery on the IOP result.  IOP was measured according to three types of tonometry: tranpalpebral scleral (through the eyelid) diaton tonometry, contact corneal tonometry based on Goldmann system (Perkins) and air-puff contact-free tonometry.
It was proved in the study that through the eyelid  diaton tonometer is a suitable screening tool for IOP measuring in patients with keratokonus, cornea pathologies, or in patients after refractive cornea surgery. diaton  can be applied in order to see cornea thickness influence or some other cornea pathologies influence on IOP measuring result. Moreover, this device is easy, portable, does not require anesthetics, it can be used by a doctor to measure  IOP in children, in people with limited mobility, in general, it can be used in each person who needs his IOP to be measured.

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