diaton tonometer has been presented at the annual ophthalmologic congress of German-speaking countries “AAD-2015”
Annual opthalmologic congress “AAD-2015” took place from the 17th to the 21st of March, in Duesseldorf, Germany.

 International ophthalmologic congress AAD - 2015 is an outstanding event of the European market of ophthalmologic equipment that has united on its exhibition platforms about 5000 specialists. More than 120 companies have presented a wide range of diagnostic and surgery equipment. 

This year our distributor – the official representative of “Ryazan State Instrument-making Enterprise” in the EU countries -  the company Tonom GmbH invited us to make together a presentation of diaton-tonometry.
During 5 working days of the congress, the interest to the diaton tonometer has not become weaker. The representatives of our enterprise together with the company Tonom GmbH have been carrying out demonstration of the transpalpebral method of diaton tonometry.
The attention of the medical specialists was drawn to the necessity of the strict compliance to themeasuring technique principle  of diaton tonometer:
-Horizontal position of a patient’s head
-Strictly vertical position of the device while IOP measuring
-Correct position of the upper eyelid while IOP measuring
The doctors who visited our booth have highlighted the indisputable advantages of diaton tonometry such as high accuracy of the results, no contact to the cornea, the device’s portability, and of course, the possibility to measure IOP in complicated clinical cases when traditional tonometry methods can not be used.
Congress “AAD-2015” is a significant event that confirmed the growing recognition of the diaton tonometer not only in European countries but also all over the world.